FlyPort Firmware upgrade over Ethernet now available!

Posted by openPicus | On: Jul 03 2012
Big news! as you’ve maybe noticed we have released a new application note on our Dowloads section: Firmware upgrade over Ethernet!

The application note shows how to update remotely Flyport firmware over Ethernet, without the need of a chip programmer.The upgrade process takes place in this very straightforward way:

1) Flyport connects to an FTP Server (FileZilla in this case, we love open source)
2) Flyport downloads the first file (the new firmware binary, a *. bin file) and, as it downloads it, it writes it on the PIC’s external Flash Memory
3) if required, the Flyport also downloads a file containing the MD5 checksum
4)  if MD5 has been downloaded, FlyPort calculates MD5 from the firmware wich wrote on the Flash … it does not fit with the code downloaded via the FTP server the FlyPort deletes the content of external Flash, considering it invalid
5) if the whole process is successful, Flyport activates a flag to communicate that, at next reboot, the bootloader must update 
6) the Flyport resets, and the update process is started automatically through the bootloader

…Thats all! Flyport is now equipped with new firmware :)

Not many modules for the Internet of Things offer this amazing capability, if you couple this with the power, elasticity and efficiency of FlyPort, this makes the product versatile enough for a huge number of applications.

Firmware upgrade over Internet is an important feature for professional users: just imagine when you have installed thousands of system and you need to upgrade. Flyport can make a daily check on your FTP server so you get your systems under control and upgrade in a breeze!

Here follows a straightforward video demonstration that shows how easy all the process is:

Give it a try!


  1. Kares says:

    Do you have it for Flyport Wifi too?

  2. Not yet since the Flyport Wi-Fi has no external Flash memory. In the next release of the module it will be possible!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t find where is the lib and source of the FWUpdateFTP function…

  4. Anonymous says:

    yes but in the AN, a lib is mentionned but I don’t find it in the download section…

  5. Anonymous says:

    When the next release of the flyport WiFi is planned? (the one that will support upgrade over the air)

  6. The schematic is done, now PCB design and then manufacturing. I think around October will be released.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if the PCB size will change compare to the actual Wifi module?

  8. No it will be perfectly identical to the actual Flyport WiFi module

  9. Anonymous says:

    October has come, any news?

  10. Hi yes the PCB is ready, but we want to wait also for the new transceiver WiFi from microchip to release this new review

  11. Anonymous says:

    Argh…and so when it should be ready to sell?

  12. We hope beginning december. But as I told this depends on Microchip when they will start to ship the new transceiver (first infos were for July 2012!).

  13. Thanks for sharing this information.Is this flyport device is available in every hardware store?

  14. You can buy on or from our resellers

  15. Anonymous says:

    Claudio, is MRF24WG0MA the new transceiver that you are waiting for? WiFi b/g + flash onboard, I guess the cost of the module will go up?

  16. No, we are pushing on Microchip to keep prices same as now. But they will disclosure new prices for volumes just in late november I guess.

  17. Anonymous says:

    any news?

  18. yes Microchip told they will start to ship the new transceiver in Feb 2013. So we expect to release the new Flyport WiFi on 1st quarter 2013

  19. Anonymous says:


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