Here it comes the FTP Datalogger!

Posted by openPicus | On: Jul 27 2012
Hello community!

We have recently completed a full working example of a file based data logger that stores files on a remote FTP Server.

Using a simple web interface, you can set the basic parameters of operation, such as the data log range or which channels to parse.

The application behaviour is explained below:

Using the alarm function of the RealTimeClockCalendar (RTCC) from the microcontroller, the Flyport runs a sampling of the chosen data.

You can set different time intervals between samplings: ​​ranging from 30 seconds (leaving both fields to 0) up to a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes (basically once a day …).

After sampling is done, data is written to a file called “log.csv” that resides in the FTP Server. These data are formatted in the CSV format,and can be opened with many softwares such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc or any text editor.

Application settings that have been set by the user via the web interface, are stored on the FTP server: in this way, if I restart the Flyport, these settings are read from the FTP server and no longer have to be reinserted, making the app totally stand-alone.

In addition, the setting file name depends on the MAC Address of the module; in this way every Flyport will access to one and only one configuration file. For example, if the Flyport has a MAC Address like “001122334455” its configuration file will be named ““, making the unique association.

Using the Wi-Fi Flyport, you can also use the microcontroller SLEEP mode, which allows you to use the power saving features allowing you to put the entire module in “sleeping mode” and waking up it with the RTCC Alarm (when it’s time to log data), or via an external button.

For “education” purposes the firmware has many debug messages exchanged on UART1, and the possibility to force some functionality through serial port commands, as reported in the documentation.

Let’s Log!


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    Thanks………… Nice thing to learn.

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