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Posted by openPicus | On: Jul 12 2012
For some time now music and hi fi audio have abandoned those old magnetic tapes and huge stereo systems, firstly analog and then electronic ones.
Do you remeber the 80s?
Music took a radical jump into the network. Without a doubt, it happened thanks to the Apple’s  iPod and iTunes that showed the world that music, internet and mobility were ​​very matchable concepts.
To free music permanently, making it pervasive to the environment that surrounds us, and to liberate the ideas of entertainment creators all over the world, a standard, powerful and low cost solution was needed.  That is why we are working on the MUSIC NEST now.
The MUSIC NEST is an expansion board for FlyPort modules (at first, it will be Ethernet compatible and then also WiFi compatible) which sports a VS1053 Stereo Codec and a microSD slot card in order to use it stand-alone or even to manage buffering mechanisms.
The MUSIC NEST is completely open source and, empowered by the Flyport module, provides full programmability as well as can support streaming 320K MP3s without any problems (using Flyport Ethernet).
The strengths of the MUSIC NEST are several but, to name a few, we can say this is the first board that lets you create an over-the-Internet streaming and sound distribution system at low cost and fully customizable. The MUSIC NEST also provides a possibility of connecting additional hardware (such as storage systems, filters and digital effects) through an expansion connector.
Last but not least, the new board will be launched very soon and will be compatible with the plastic MUSIC NEST that will give you a finished product, ready for the market at incredibly low prices! 
As said above, the board is compatible with the Ethernet Flyport and its performance is exceptional (we managed to stream an MP3 file to 320Kb without any problems). Currently, the Wi-Fi Flyport works up to  96Kb only as the transceiver is the bottleneck of the system (hopefully Microchip will release a new version of the transceiver soon).
This new product opens up to users infinite scenarios: from the distribution of audio streaming over IP to sending audio to iPhones, Androids or iPads, to trying new ways to embed music into things!
At ultracompetitive cost you’ll be able to deploy networks of audio points controlled from the Internet, distributing content even in offices, shops or homes, with advanced interactions perspectives. All that thanks to the potential of FlyPort.

We enclose here the Schematic and the Assembly of the new board. As always, it is simple since Flyport takes care of everything except the audio encoding.  

What ideas do you have to liberate audio and bring it from network to the real world? What innovative applications of Music On Things come to your mind?

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