Geeks love colored lights: IKEA DIODER RGB Led Strip Hack

Posted by openPicus | On: Sep 10 2012
It’s official: Geeks love LED Strips. Sometimes it seems like LED Strips have been invented for Geeks.That’s why we think this hack rocks: is based on a Flyport, it features our Proto Nest but, more than everything, it features an IKEA DIODER RGB Led Strips.

On our Wiki, you’ll find all the project details on how to hack an IKEA DIODER RGB Led strip and add  WiFi connectivity for configuring colors directly from a webpage – therefore on your phone, tablet or PC with ease. All with a very low budget solution!


What are you waiting for? See the How To complete guide on our Wiki and hack it!


  1. Yep says:

    Where can we download the project? I cannot find it on the wiki.

  2. Already asked, The guys are putting the project code on the site :)

  3. GregRob says:

    I think the link for the IKEA LED track goes to the wrong IKEA product. The one used is the RGB LED light, but the one shown above and linked is the white LEDs.

  4. Hope this works in a good condition and provides some good benefits.

  5. Simone Marra says:

    It works really well… I have done all the test also in my bedroom!
    The best is that the color sequence is 100% controllable by firmware, so anyone can make his/her own prefered sequence…
    Personally, I chose for a linear interpolation between colors, with some pause… but it could be as you like, and also the parameters can be exposed to web server page (as always) with a minor effort

  6. OEME says:

    If it works very well, that’s is really great.

  7. Ashley Brown says:

    you have to remove the microcontroller inside the RGB controller of the Controller. It is a IC, so it could be more easy to cut its connections before to desolder. Then you have to remove also the Voltage onboard regulator, since this type of regulator does not provide enough current for the Flyport Module. Once removed both microcontroller and voltage regulator.

    Led floodlights

  8. Thank you for having taken the time to put all this information out here for everybody to benefit from.

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. Brain Dumps says:

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  11. Sen D' cruz says:

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