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Posted by openPicus | On: Oct 15 2012
We are always astonished by the great inventions coming from the community: this week we want to resent you a great product: Qtrakr.

Qtrakr is a cloud based people tracking system that lets the user know, in real-time, the flow of people entering and exiting a specific venue. The  hardware is based on the openPicus Flyport and has minimal production costs and is very easy to setup.

Clever invention! See the video:

Qtrakr is based on a cloud system that receives and computes data in real-time, and is able to elaborate results for any platform (Web, Mobile, API etc.).

Thanks to the real-time data obtained via its sensors, it elaborate a wide range of useful information, such as the current flow of people and daily averages. Such information can help the user to determine which is the best time/day to visit a museum or buy a ticket for example.

The Qtrackr solution can also be used offline: thanks to the Flyport, it will store any information and then send it to the cloud system for the synchronization as soon as a connection is made active again.

This invention was created at the Hackitaly event that took place during the TechCrunch Event in Rome on September the 27th where openPicus stand was really hot – we also had the chance to show our technology to the Italian Minister of Economic Development, Infrastructure and Transport. Here’s a picture :)

Claudio and the Team with Corrado Passera

In the meanwhile: did you notice the Grove System launch? Here’s the documentation

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  1. With this, the data transferring and dissemination will be a lot more easier and faster. What’s more is this could also be used even if it’s offline, which makes it more useful to us.

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