DIY Umbrella Stand Hack with Rain Alert – Geeks Hate Getting Wet (no jokes) –

Posted by openPicus | On: Nov 13 2012
That’s the ultimate hack from the mighty Simone Marra, also famous for the groundbreaking IKEA RGB LED Strip hack that was featured on Adafruit, Lifehacker, Geek.comInstructables and others.

“Yes, that’s it… I always forget to take my umbrella when I’m leaving home.
I tried lot of solutions. I installed apps on my smartphone to remind me that the weather was not sunny the first time I unlock my phone, I tried fancy widgets, etc… but there was no way out!
What I was searching for was a system that actually reminds me to take my umbrella when I’m in front of my door and near my umbrella stand, nor when I get up of my bed nor when it’s too late and my phone GPS reaches the signal to understand I’m on my way on my car…”

This project is about creating a led based indicator (to be mounted on existing umbrella stands) which indicates whether it’s going to be raining or not. All this thanks to a
Flyport board and a Grove Nest plus WiFi connectivity and data coming from a Meteo service.

As always with Simone’s hacks you’ll find extensive documentation on our Wiki: step by step details on how to hack any umbrella stand you like and let it save your next rainy day.


What are you waiting for? See the How To complete guide on our Wiki and hack it!


  1. Anonymous says:

    “When it glows red, you should just go back to bed.” -W.Shakespeare

    Good idea btw !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it! I’ll take one Grove Nest, I’ve amazing idea for another app like that!

  3. Simone Marra says:

    Thanks Dude! It was really funny to make this hack… Grove Nest is really easy and fast to make hacks like this!

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  5. Dan says:

    I’m looking forward to the future when we’ll be zombies, controlled through electronic gadgets that will tell us what to wear, what to eat, when to go to sleep, when to take the umbrella…:))

  6. no it’s not going to be like this! [posted by Claudio’s automatic gadget for blog] :-)

  7. marc van kerkhove says:

    I’m just using your application but I have a problem with the code : I get some errors : unable to create current_conditions an dunable to create cloud cover

    Could you help me to solve this ?


  8. openPicus says:

    Hi Marc van Kerkhove,

    the problem is that worldweatheronline changed the API in the last year, so the JSON answer may well be different.

    In this case the parser should be adapted.

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