Better BBQ with Flyport and Cosm

Posted by openPicus | On: Feb 26 2013
I knew Austria was famous for BBQ. I remember the summer of 2006 when I had a great barbeque with some austrian friends in Klagenfurt. It was fantastic, 8 hours of BBQ and beer on a place on the lake. Ok let’s go back to the hack!Michael Posavec, a strong supporter of openPicus, decided to hack his Maverick wireless BBQ thermometer adding Flyport Wi-Fi to make it Internet connected.A perfect BBQ is a kind of science, the temperature must be under control and hungry friends are always walking around and giving not requested suggestions 😉

Michael solved the problem in a smart way: his friend can control the temperature of BBQ in real time using COSM. He hacked a Maverick (digital temperature sensor with receiver) and he connected Flyport using a low-cost 434 Mhz wireless receiver.

Flyport is connected to a router and sends temperature data to COSM to create a nice graph:

As you can see from the picture Michael also used the internal webserver of Flyport to sobstitute perfectly the LCD display (nice eh?)

And this is the wonderful result: lamb racks powered by openPicus!

Watch the video of the hack:

Michael shared the whole project with source code. If you also want to keep your BBQ under control follow his guide and download the code on our Wiki. (even if we can’t guarantee that you’ll get same lamb racks!)

It’s another amazing way to use Flyport. To be honest when me and Gabriele designed the Flyport module we could not even imagine in how many great ways people will use it. And now, what’s next?

Posted by Claudio, @akaclaudio


  1. Schönes TUT hast du erstellt! Werde es mir demnĂ€chst auch bauen! Schöne GrĂŒĂŸe derFriedrichsgruener

  2. That’s really awesome technology! Anyway, i’m feeling quite hungry now :)

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