Flyport GPRS first production batch

Posted by openPicus | On: Feb 07 2013
If you’re among the ones waiting for the Flyport GPRS here’s some news that you will appreciate.
The first production batch (100pcs) of the Flyport GPRS module has been successfully done. It was our first four layers PCB and the great thing is that the prototype was immediately working!Here’s a picture of the modules in the 30pcs array:

The Flyport GPRS has a different LDO than Flyport Wi-Fi and Ethernet due to the higher current needed from the Sagem transceiver. We decided to use the MCP1727 in the extrasmall DF8 package.

Nest carrier boards are compatible with this new module (just be sure your external power supply has enough current since during GPRS connection there are peaks over 1A)

Regarding the antenna: Flyport GPRS comes without it but with it sports a uFL connector onboard. On our store  a low cost pcb antenna with uFL connector is available for your convenience.

Flyport GPRS has basically the same pinout of the others Flyport modules and onboard (bottom side) there’s the SIM card holder.

We are now working to finally embed the GPRS related features into the new version of the IDE (will be likely released by the end of February) and the API will handle:

  • SMS
  • TCP
  • HTTP
  • Voice calls

From next week on we’ll be starting to sell the product (end user price will be 49 Euros) to Beta customers that are contacting us by email. We’ll provide an offer and also a preliminary documentation and a Beta version of the new IDE. The discount for Beta users is 10%.

If you are interested to give a try with Flyport GPRS just send us an email

Posted by Claudio Carnevali, @akaclaudio


  1. miles davis says:

    Do you think I could find more nice looking Rubber antenna for the GPRS module? for example I could use this UFL cable

    and some other rubber antenna, or not?

    Many thanks, Cheers

  2. Davis
    we’ll add rubber antennas, good idea

  3. miles davis says:

    Thanks, Cheeers!
    I found one by the way:

    it will be good if we can get it from EU.

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