FlyportPRO: a professional Flyport for high volume customers

Posted by openPicus | On: Nov 21 2013

Flyport module is already into lot of end user products but we wanted to do more. We made a survey in June and we asked our professional customers (hundreds of companies all over the World) what they want us to add/modify of the actual Flyport.

The result was:

  • A smaller dimension (IoT and connected objects are becoming really small)
  • A thinner module (the actual Flyport is not so thin due to its connector)
  • Lower price in volumes
  • Higher pin count (Flyport has lot of processing power and users want to use the max possibilities the microcontroller provides)
  • Bigger RAM size (handling XML or other kind of file is sometime difficult with 16K of RAM)
  • EEPROM onboard to save parameters and settings
  • CE certification (in this way if you make a complete product you save lot of certification cost)

We worked on the idea and today we are proud to announce: FlyportPRO Wi-Fi!


Main Features

  • The module is extremely compact (mounted on both layers): only 34*34 mm!
  • It’s really thin: only 9mm (thanks to the new low profile connectors)
  • We have now 60 pins available on 2 female pin header connectors (1.27mm pitch)
  • The price will be under 20€ for the Wi-Fi version) since we optimized the manufacturing and Bill of material (BOM) cost
  • A new microcontroller: PIC24FJ256GB206: it has 96K of RAM (instead of 16K) and USB OTG!
  • 64K of EEPROM
  • CE certification is in progress




Will FlyportPRO substitute the Flyport? 
Absolutely no!

FlyportPRO targets professional customers only and will be not sold in small batches.
FlyportPRO will have no carrier boards for prototyping (like our Grove Board for example). For DIY and prototypes we suggest to use the actual Flyport module.
FlyportPRO comes with the IDEpro, a special version of the IDE, that will be available only to customers who bought the Starterkit.


We are building a platform, as  always, of pin compatible modules. Here are our steps:

  • FlyportPRO Wi-Fi is already in mass production
  • FlyportPRO GPRS is almost done. We got the first samples. Will enter into mass production middle December 2013
  • FlyportPRO ETHERNET is under development (porting of our framework). Prototypes are ready and working. Mass production January 2014

Buy and info
Datasheet and schematic of FlyportPRO
Buy the Starterkit PRO Wi-Fi on our store.

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  1. Ramaswamy Hariharan says:

    Wonderful idea and Great product!

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