MQTT on Flyport, let’s do it together!

Posted by openPicus | On: Nov 11 2013
I discovered MQTT (lightweight protocol for the Iot) just recently, I was in Trento and I met Matteo Collina (thanks!) a PhD at the University of Bologna and now in Ireland working on MQTT.



After a while Andrea Reginato (Lelylan) contacted us about the porting of MQTT on Flyport and I think it’s a great idea. We like MQTT but we are overwhelmed to make it here, so I ask our community to support this project!


Did you ever heard about MQTT?
MQTT is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol designed for lightweight M2M communications. MQTT has a client/server model, where every sensor is a client and connects to a server, known as a broker, over TCP.


MQTT is message oriented. Every message is a discrete chunk of data, opaque to the broker. Every message is published to an address, known as a topic. Clients may subscribe to multiple topics. Every client subscribed to a topic receives every message published to the topic.


For example, imagine a simple network with three clients and a central broker. All three clients open TCP connections with the broker. Clients B and C subscribe to the topic temperature. At a later time, Client A publishes a value of 22.5 for topic temperature. The broker forwards the message to all subscribed clients.


MQTT is great to easily access the physical world and we don’t want to miss it. For this reason we are making an open call asking everyone interesting to OpenPicus and MQTT to collaborate for the definition of a library being able to connect our Flyport to a MQTT broker. To make things more interesting we’ll give you an early access to Lelylan, a open API for the Connected Home with full support for MQTT.


Do you want to be part of this project? Everybody is welcome!
If you are interested to help us and Andrea just comment here or send us an email


Posted by Claudio Carnevali, openPicus cofounder, @akaclaudio


  1. antoine says:

    I think MQTT is very important for the IOT. It could be a great opportunity for the Flyports family.

  2. CoBrEE says:

    Yes seems great, i have thinking implement this it seems lighter, but all things are good

  3. Andy Piper says:

    Heh, we spoke about this back at Oxford earlier in the year at Open Source Junction, remember?

  4. dmurphy says:

    Any progress made on an mqtt library…sees like it would
    be a very nice addition.

  5. says:

    A very nice and industry proven alternative could also be ZeroMQ. We have it running on top of picoTCP which we ported to the flyport boards.

  6. openPicus says:

    We received an email from a guy that already made the porting of MQTT on Flyport and soon we are gonna share this on our Wiki!

  7. Renzo says:

    It is a very good news!
    In my case a Flyport has to be queried by a remote web server, and MQTT seems one excellent way to do it in real time (without polling).
    So, i’m waiting for it! Please be fast! :)

  8. winpux says:

    I have a task to provide cost effective unit as MQTT client.
    Would it be available a MQTT for FlyportGPRS as well or should I implement it by using AT commands.

  9. openPicus says:

    Actually one user is almost ready with MQTT for Flyport WiFi. Then you can take this as starting point for your development on Flyport GPRS

  10. Efried says:

    I would say that a nearly protocol less system would be
    more success prone. For home automation I would need embedded
    systems which may be woken up by others only in case of urgency,
    saving energy while doozing in between.

  11. dmurphy says:

    Any update on when this linrary will be available? I have na application ready for it.

  12. openPicus says:

    Actually we found some libraries that we are trying to port to Flyport but no idea when we will finish porting and testing

  13. openPicus says:

    Great news! the MQTT library has been released (beta):

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