FlyportPRO GPRS ready for manufacturing

Posted by openPicus | On: Dec 06 2013

Running like crazy, but we did it! We just released the FlyportPRO Wi-Fi and yesterday we finished our testing of FlyportPRO GPRS version!

flyportpro gprs


FlyportPRO GPRS is identical in terms of dimensions to FlyportPRO Wi-Fi and have a common pinout on J1 and part of J2 connector. This means you can make a carrier board to fit them all!

FlyportPRO GPRS has also the same processor that in the PRO line is PIC24FJ256GB206. It means 96K of Ram!

We also added on the PRO series a 16K EEPROM to store data and the 16Mbit Flash for firmware upgrade over Internet (of course on the FlyportPRO GPRS the extra Flash can’t be used for the web server, since there’s not a web server on this module).

The module has no antenna onboard, but a uFL connector for an external one. The SIM holder is not onboard but any SIM holder be connected to J2 pins. This will allow you to create products where the SIM is easy to change even when the box is closed (this was a minus of the Flyport GPRS, to have the SIM onboard).

flyportpro gprs bottom


As you can see the product is green now. This is because we made only few prototypes for final testing. This phase is really critical and we normally test pin by pin the connectors and we make a 24h test at 80°C.

The testing at 80°C is made with the module turned on and working. We basically made a firmware to connect the module by GPRS to a server and in the same time we print on the serial port the RTCC value to see that everything works fine and there are no “freezing” problems.

What’s next?

We sent the PCB to manufacturing to start the first batch. Since we have our own SMT manufacturing facility we are able to get the first hundreds units on 15th December (and the color of the PCB will be black like the other modules of the PRO series).

So in couple of weeks you will see a new Starterkit on our Store for FlyportPRO GPRS!

What about FlyportPRO Ethernet?

Yes, we are now working on the last version: FlyportPRO Ethernet. The  samples are coming in the next days and we will make same tests above to be sure about the PCB connections. Then we we have to add this to the IDEpro and go into production. We think to be ready for shipment not before end of January 2014 with this version.

We got the Bill of material price and the good news is that FlyportPRO Ethernet is gonna be really low low cost. So this is why we don’t think to make a LITE version (without connectivity as Flyport LITE) on the PRO line.

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