MQTT library for Flyport is ready!

Posted by openPicus | On: Jan 24 2014

MQTT allows you to create real time Cloud-to-real-world applications in a breeze. There are tons of ready to use Servers and most of the IoT Cloud services are based on MQTT.

Today we just released on our GitHub the first version of MQTT Library for Flyport and FlyportPRO. We made some testing here and the response is really impressive!

flyport mqtt

Download the MQTT Library
On our our Wiki you find an introduction and some instructions to use this new MQTT library on our IDE  -> Discover and Download MQTT Library

You can find all the information about MQTT on


CREDITS: The MQTT library has been developed starting from the great work made by Nick O’Leary


  1. antoine says:

    Hi, Do you plan to release a tutorial on how to use this lib (with server side configuration and simple use)?

  2. openPicus says:

    Yes and a video too!

  3. dmurphy says:

    I got it working last night with a personal mosquito broker on Linux box. Great work guys….thanks

  4. openPicus says:

    Wow thanks! If you want to share something with the community just contact us!

  5. marcel says:

    When is the tutorial ready?

  6. openPicus says:

    It’s already online on our Wiki:

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