New IDE 2.6.0: WPS, SSL and more!

Posted by openPicus | On: Feb 20 2014

It’s online our new IDE 2.6.0 for Flyport (and IDEpro for FlyportPRO customers). Our team made an amazing job to add really useful features to help you create your products with Flyport. Let’s see.

WPS support: join a Wi-Fi network just pushing a button (very useful for your end products)
SSL library support:  this is a great improvement since most of the cloud services needed secure connection and now Flyport has it!
– Improved autocomplete features
– Improved Lexer
– Added support for Json files in webserver import tool
– Added auto update functionality (using AutoUpdateDotNET component)

On IDEpro (for FlyportPRO) there is also:
– Support for the new FlyportPRO ETHERNET
– USB support (each FlyportPRO can read/write a USB Flash and more!)

ethernet pro 008_800

So now you can download the new IDE 2.6.0 and try these new features!

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  1. Anshuman Agarwal says:


    I have downloaded the IDE Pro 2.6.0, however I am not able to find support code for USB flash neither it is mentioned in the local help file.
    Please advice how I can find this.

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